Kingdom Construction is Family Owned Company

Kingdom Construction is a North Texas-wide general contractor that is locally owned and operated. The location of the Kingdom Construction Company is in northern Texas. The entire state of Texas is permitted to use their Home remodeling services. Metal framing, drywall installation, and painting are their forte. Ruben and Abby Serna have established themselves as industry leaders by exceeding their clients’ expectations on a consistent basis. A variety of pre-construction services are provided for free to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Their dedication to the job and the admiration of their peers have inspired them to give the industry a new look and a fresh start. If you are interested in learning more about their services, please contact us immediately for a no-obligation quote. Kingdom Construction is dedicated to establishing and sustaining mutually beneficial partnerships with each of our clients and projects, while ensuring the highest quality and service standards. Kingdom Construction collaborates with us to expand our business into commercial and residential contracting. We enhance the quality of life and expand opportunities for ourselves, our loved ones, and the greater community. We wish to contribute to the improvement of the aesthetic appeal of the nation. As a locally owned and operated commercial and residential contracting company, we believe that a professional commercial and residential painting contractor can provide the finest service, and we encourage the local community to do the same. We are committed to executing exceptional work with honesty and to the total satisfaction of our clients. Every member of our organization must be dedicated to our core values of hard work, devotion, learning, and customer service if we are to deliver the level of work and service that we promise.

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