Discover the temptation of chillingly delicious dessert wine

Dessertwijn made from grapes harvested later in the season, which are more concentrated as a result. The combination with the intense flavor of dark chocolate creates a sensational taste experience. Blue Nun is one of Germany’s earliest wine trademarks. It has a lengthy history of producing quality wines, so these wines have spread around the globe. The brand is aptly described as an icon. Hermann Sichel began his wine business in Mainz in 1857. In 1921, H. Sichel Sohne was at the genesis of the BLUE NUN brand when the decision was made to honor the outstanding vintage of 1921 with a special new label: BLUE NUN. This brand received immediate acclaim and was served, among others, in London’s finest five-star restaurants. In the early 1930s, a minimum of one thousand crates of the same brand were transported to the United Kingdom. At the time, it was rare for a single brand to be sold in such large quantities. This wine is still extremely popular on a global scale. In 1995, Sichel partnered with Langguth to establish BLUE NUN as it exists today. The emphasis is on producing quality wine. This wine is continually improved using cutting-edge techniques. Over time, the wine has become slightly drier and its flavor has become slightly crisper. BLUE NUN has been designated the appellation “Qualitatswein” as a result of the winery’s desire to perpetually enhance its products.

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